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From a new screen to a battery, water damage to a full diagnosis. We have the equipment and expertise to repair your device.


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Most of our customers use our fast post in service. Local to one of our shops? Drop it off to us for same day repair.

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Post in or Drop Off Mobile Phone or Tablet Repair Service


The majority of our customers post their devices to us for repair. The process is simple and faster than most expect! Simply order the repair you need (or select diagnosis if unsure), send us your device, we repair (over 95% the same day with NO EXTRA CHARGE), then post back to you, fully insured and tracked via Royal Mail’s next day delivery service. Your device is in safe hands. Not only are all of our technicians qualified by iTech, we also fully comply with all data protection laws within the UK including the 2018 GDPR regulations. We are an actual repair shop – you will not be posting your device to a “home” address!

We have shops located throughout South Devon with more nationwide stores being opened in late 2018. So, if you’re local, pop in for a same day repair – usually within the hour.

The latest diagnosis software

Unsure of Fault on your Device?


We use the latest software to enable us to check every component on your device! Each customer receives a full print out of any faults our system has picked up. We then quote for the repairs and if you’re happy, repair the device and provide a second diagnosis check sheet showing everything has been done correctly!

Smobi Tips

Most Common Repairs


Screen Damage: We’ve pretty much all done this – the dreaded drop on the floor and the anticipation that follows when you turn the smartphone or tablet to see if you’ve smashed the screen! The best way to protect your screen is to a purchase a  Glass Protector. A lot of people will carry on using their mobile phone or tablet with a cracked screen. Not only can you end up with glass splinters in your fingers (and if you’ve ever repaired a phone and done this, you’ll know it hurts!) you also run a risk of damaging the device further. The screen forms a sealed unit and helps protect against fine dust etc entering the device. Not having the screen replaced quickly enough can end up costing more in further repairs down the line. For those who maybe can’t yet afford the screen repair, for now, cover the screen with a protector.


Water Damage: The second most popular repair is caused by water/ liquid damage. Whether you’ve dropped it in the toilet or taken it with you for a swim…the effect this has is a devastating blow to any user! The old trick using rice can help restore your device. However, although you may get the phone/ tablet working again, the damage and corrosion going on inside can cause major issues in the future. Ideally, if you do drop your phone in water, do NOT turn it on. Place the phone in rice for 24 hours then send the phone to us. We have a high success rate of getting water damaged phone’s repaired (approx 7 out of 10). We use special machines designed to clean any corrosion from mobile phones using heat and chemical cleaning liquids. The device is carefully stripped down and placed in the machine in sections before being put back together. The process takes 48 hours but we have pleased many customers!

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